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Our Programs

“Hands that Care” is a one-day blitz of our local community helping those that cannot help themselves. A day when every member of the community is encouraged and empowered to go and to serve  neighbors in need of a friend, neighbors in need of yard work, neighbors in need of home repairs, neighbors in need of a smile, neighbors in need of  clothes or a blanket. 
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The “Neighbors in Need” program assists the residents of Valley Park, Missouri who are generally low-income homeowners, who are elderly or disabled, and who are in need of home repairs that they do not have the means or ability to do on their own.  Many of our neighbors have worked hard all their lives and have been able physically and financially to repair their own homes.  Due to illness, aging, or any number of uncontrollable causes, they are unable to do the repair work needed and their homes have become unsafe and unlivable. The result is loss of the homeowner’s dignity and crumbling neighborhoods. 
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ValleyPalooza, in cooperation with the Valley Park School District, has established a charitable scholarship, "Soaring with Service."  This program is one of the many methods of inspiring community service and giving back to the greater Valley Park community. The "Soaring with Service" program is intended to award full or partial scholarships to eligible students attending tuitionbased extracurricular programs and classes that provide learning opportunities for students in grades K-12. The “Soaring with Service” program was developed as a way to encourage and reward students who are actively involved in service learning projects and community service for Valley Park residents. 
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The "Socks for Seniors" sock drive is a program originated by one of our student volunteers and coordinated by the ValleyPalooza Organization with cooperating businesses and of course our dedicated volunteers. This program encourages everyone to have one small priority during the holiday season and that is to bring holiday cheer with a new "fun" pair of socks to warm the hearts and cover the cold feet of our elderly residents.  The "Socks for Seniors" program will be an annual collection program that runs from late November through December 20th every year and benefits those living alone and in our local nursing homes.
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"Youth Can Do It" is an ongoing, hands-on volunteer program that joins together area youth to serve the Valley Park community. We work to connect volunteers to various projects and community needs.  Our goal is to teach local youth the importance of community service. The program will be organized and managed by the ValleyPalooza Board of Directors and adult volunteers. Children within the community will be encouraged to participate in this program as a way to give back to their community and help their fellow neighbors in need. 
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